Edges - Joint European PhD in Gender and Women’s Studies

Deadline: 17/06/2014

EDGES is a Lifelong Learning Programme Project coordinated by the University of Bologna that involves eight academic and non-academic European institutions which have a longstanding experience in Women’s and Gender Studies: University of Bologna, Italy; Central European University, Hungary; University of Granada, Spain; University of Oviedo, Spain; University of Hull, UK; University of Lodz, Poland; University of Utrecht, The Netherlands; and Associazione Orlando, Italy. 

EDGES aims to shape and develop a model for a European PhD in Women’s and Gender Studies which focuses on the comparison and integration between different geographical, historical, and socio-political contexts thanks to the collaboration and synergy among universities that have different histories, experiences and expertise in the field of European Feminism and Gender Studies. 

EDGES will trigger an interdisciplinary and intercultural approach to highlight crucial issues such as women’s migration, violence on and exploitation of women’s body, traumatic experiences in recent conflict areas, cultural and counter-memories, equal opportunities in education, careers and job market, discrimination in sexual orientation, civil rights and religious prejudices. EDGES will favour a vital change in the preparation of the next generation of academic, business, public and third sector European leaders. 

The Graduate Gender Programme is leader of the workpackage that designs and develops the international doctoral curriculum on Women's and Gender Studies. 

More information: http://www.edgesproject.eu/ 




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