The 10th IUC Postgraduate Course “Feminisms in a Transnational Perspective”: Reclaiming the Future. Feminist Engagements for the 21th Century

Deadline: 01/03/2016

After analyzing feminist practices of inheriting and archiving the past, the 2016 Dubrovnik course devotes its attention to feminist engagements with the future, which the first decade of the new century has already exposed to an extraordinary vastness of acts of expropriation: recent natural and political catastrophes – epochal displacements, widespread migrations and wars, social engineering, assault on community values, security and freedom, the dramatic curtailment of civil liberties, increase of global military capabilities, the license for the preservation of massive privilege and inequality, unemployment, precarity, austerity measures, financial cuts in education, failure of the welfare state, increased violence against women, children, minorities, the other…

The aim of the 2016 course is to discuss how to intervene both in the ways we inherit the past, and open up towards the future, not so much in order to emphasize temporal categories, but to mobilize past and present existential and material dispositions for a future that resonates with a feminist agenda: a more
hospitable Europe and a more collaborative world, a different university, other forms of sisterhood and care. In these and other fields of its ethical, political, sociological, philosophical and aesthetic interventions, the 2016 Dubrovnik course will try to propose an open, differential, eventuating matrix for feminist (re)thinkings of history through the discursive resistance to all – past and future – dogmatisms and forms of despair.

The future is a sensitive zone of contestation. On the one hand, the materiality of contemporary and absolute danger is compromising our sense of the future, producing a global refusal and denial of what might appear on the horizon of the unexpected. On the other, the already-constituted norm/ality of generalized lack, fear, anguish, threat, precarity and unpredictability, cannot but reveal the ghost of a radical futurity that keeps haunting the present. This course will try to reconsider to what extent feminism has historically been, and proves to be a precious form of defiance and insurrectionary power, capable of producing new figurations of the future.

We invite contributions which study, discuss and promote the forms of feminist engagements that reclaim (or even ex-claim) both past and present visions of the responsibility for the future. We welcome reflections which envisage a whole range of feminist practices, decisions, actions, critical and artistic interventions that care for what comes from/as/in the future, from a new future, from the future-to-come.

Inter Univercity Center Dubrovnik
May 16-20, 2016
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