Pop/politics: Analysing media discourses about gender and sexuality


Doctoral and Postdoctoral Workshop Pop/politics: Analysing media discourses about gender and sexuality

A growing number of pre- and postdoctoral researchers in Flanders are working on issues of gender and sexuality. This workshop aims to support these researchers, in offering a 'hands on' workshop where analytic tools and options are presented and analytic skills are sharpened. The key aim of the workshop is to develop analytic skills and expertise, in particular in the field of discourse analysis, and to offer a space for an in-depth discussion of a number of methodological and conceptual issues that typically arise in qualitative research on gender and sexuality.

To reach this aim, the workshop focuses on a few familiar, yet complex cases related to gender and sexuality, operating at the intersection of politics, popular media culture and (informational) media discourses more generally: Miley Cyrus, a central figure in discussions on feminism and sexualisation; Caitlyn Jenner, a controversial icon of trans* visibility; and the recent sexual assaults in Cologne on New Year's eve that triggered widespread outrage, much of it on a more or less fine line between the defence of women's rights on the one hand and sexism, racism, xenophobia and islamophobia on the other.  

How can we 'read' and interpret these cases beyond common sense? How are 'problems' around issues of gender and sexuality constructed? What (and whose) perspectives are favoured, and which ones silenced? What do these cases tell us about intersections between gender and sexuality with race, ethnicity and class, and about systems of privilege and  marginalisation?  What made these cases so appealing and controversial, what wider issues of power and discrimination do they 'stand for'? And finally, what do they tell us about gender and sexual stereotyping, (popular) media culture and media systems? 

These and similar questions will be addressed and discussed, not with the aim of reaching the 'correct' reading of these cases, but of exploring possible and plausible readings, as well as analytic tools that can help grasping the issues at play. 

More info: www.uantwerpen.be/nl/faculteiten/faculteit-sociale-wetenschappen/kalender/workshop-pop-politics/

Plaats en tijdstip

University of Antwerp - Room: S.E. 207
Grote Kauwenberg 2

9 AM to 5 PM

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