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Decolonising Europe #13: Decolonising queerness

The 13th session of the Decolonise Europe Lecture Series, addresses the longstanding contributions and actions of gender studies, feminists, and queer activists from a decolonial perspective.

We will discuss how to adopt a framework towards gender and sexuality that does not centre white and European experiences or scholars. Rather this panel engages with debates about gender and sexuality in relation to colonial histories of Europe, the intersectionality of race, class,  gender and sexuality and current debates on heteronormativity. How can we understand the histories of white feminism and the consequences for BIPOC women, or the right-wing representation of migrant men as sexual assaulters and threatening? How have colonial subjects been represented and marginalized in relation to gender and sexuality? What kind of knowledge is amplified in these debates, and which forms of practice and knowledge are excluded? This panel investigates these questions, and link them to contemporary policies and events in Europe to gain a decolonial perspective on gender and sexuality.

About the speakers

Sarah Bracke is Professor of Sociology of Gender and Sexuality at the University of Amsterdam. She co-directs the Amsterdam Research Centre of Gender and Sexuality (ARC-GS) since September 2019. Before joining the Sociology Department at the UvA in 2017, she worked as a senior researcher at the Center of Expertise on Gender, Diversity, and Intersectionality (RHEA) at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels and as Associate Research Professor of Sociology at Ghent University.

Sandeep Bakshi is an associate professor researching on postcolonial Anglophone and Francophone literatures and transnational decolonial enunciation of knowledge. He received his PhD from the School of English, University of Leicester, UK and is currently employed as Lecturer in English at the University of Paris, France.