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Experiences of violence without regular shelter or in supervised housing

Gender Studies Conference On Violence (24—26 October 2019, Helsinki, Finland).

Experiences of violence without regular shelter or in supervised housing 

Much research has been done to expose how socioeconomically marginalised people and those with special needs are disproportionally affected by a continuum of violence. This workshop seeks to expand our limited understanding of how intimate partner violence and structural violence affects those without regular housing.  In most countries, privacy and intimacy are basic rights.  Privacy is defined spatially as the non-public sphere, the domestic arena, the family circle and private life, and the right to intimacy includes sexuality and sexual life.  However, these notions of privacy and intimacy as well as the processes in place to protect persons from intimate partner violence are based on living circumstances wherein the private sphere is separated from the public sphere through one’s home. How is intimacy and privacy experienced among persons who live under conditions which do not allow for this spatial separation?  How are privacy and intimate relationships experienced and lived without regular shelter and what role does violence and its response play in the intimate relationships of persons who live on the streets, in temporary accommodations, camps, shelters, care homes, prisons, mental health facilities etc? This workshop seeks contributions who analyse such violence in both theory and practice, who trace the experiences of persons or groups in such housing circumstances, their relationships with each other and/or with states, supervisors and law enforcement.