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GeoRundmail: « Feminist research practice in geography: Snapshots, reflections, concepts »

The Feministische GeoRundmail is a quarterly electronic newsletter which has grown into a DIY feminist geography journal. It has been initiated as a forum for feminist geographers in Germany, Switzerland and Austria and combines a theme issue format with general news and announcements around feminist geographies.

For the summer issue 2020 (submission deadline August 15th), we invite short contributions around the topic of feminist research practice in geography. We are looking for interventions, reflection pieces, creative ways to communicate research experiences and conundrums, book reviews, calls for more attention to particular debates, concepts or problems – or any other format you may suggest. Creative writing and visualization are most welcome, but not mandatory.

What motivates us to compile this issue are the many and recurrent conversations on the beauty and rewards, but also the struggles and problems around conducting research in the social sciences. Again and again, these show the importance of upholding exchange on this fundamentally social and political practice. Creating platforms for such exchange is important not least since the stories surrounding the research process often remain invisible in academic texts. It is also important asmany of the lively debates and elaborated contributions on questions of power, justice, responsibility, accountability and ethics in feminist geographies, postcolonial studies, participatory action research and other fields yet have to gain full influence on research practice.

Contributions to this issue address the broader question of politics of field-work or personal snapshots orreflections.
Topics may include

  • Surprises in research and the potential of the unforeseen
  • (Im)Possibilities of navigating risks and contingency in the research process (e.g. with regard to corona)
  • Risks for research participants and responsibilities
  • Positionalities, participation and politics (e.g. who are the ones conducting research, who speaks, who is being represented and how?)
  • Fieldwork and power (e.g. in studying powerful institutions or working with marginalized groups)
  • Fundamental tensions and problems (e.g. what are the limits to (self-)reflexivity and individual coping strategies?)
  • Emerging research styles and methods

The call is open for everyone and we encourage submissions by early career researchers and graduate students. We are happy to provide peer-feedback if asked for. There is no strict word limit, but we suggest 1,500 – 3000 words as a useful target for a standard contribution.

For further questions and indications of interest (till July 1st), please send an e-mail to the issue editors s.klosterkamp (at) uni-muenster.de and alexander.vorbrugg (at) giub.unibe.ch.