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Ilke Adam – Multiculturalism and the Second Wave of Anti-Racist Activism in Europe

Ilke Adam – Multiculturalism and the Second Wave of Anti-Racist Activism in Europe

There has been considerable academic debate on whether multiculturalist policies are in retreat in Europe. Whilst there might be doubt as to the extent of the retreat in discourse or policy, there is less doubt that multiculturalism has been under attack as a policy approach. At the same time there is also a growing racialized European citizenry which increasingly questions the transformative capacity of multiculturalism. Organized in what has been called the ‘second wave of anti-racist activism’ (Essed, 2014) in Europe, these activists call for a different approach, one that moves beyond culture and addresses questions of power and privilege. Within this seminar the argument is made that a multiculturalist approach to social justice that responds to the claims of the second wave of anti-racist activism must minimally start from Nancy Fraser’s approach to multiculturalism, or the politics of recognition, which cannot be disentangled from the politics of redistribution.

This event is co-organized by RHEA and EDGE 
Time: 12.30-14.00, Thursday 8 October
Venue: will be communicated depending on corona measures
Registration required by sending an email to susan.dierickx@vub.be