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Pandemic Intimacies: gay men and intimacy in the time of coronavirus

Digital Intimacies (ESRC, University of East Anglia, Edinburgh University) is pleased to announce the following virtual roundtable discussion:

Pandemic Intimacies: gay men and intimacy in the time of coronavirus

Time and Date: 14.00-16.00, Thursday 2 July
Registration: pandemicintimacies.eventbrite.com<http://pandemicintimacies.eventbrite.com/>

Over the past few months various countries around the world have introduced social distancing measures to mitigate the spread of coronavirus. Part of these measures has been the injunction to not get closer than at least a metre to a person from outside your household. What issues has this raised for gay men’s cultures of sex and intimacy?

How have gay men negotiated social distancing in relation to their sexual and intimate lives? What sexual health advice have they been receiving? How do the existing inequalities that have been exacerbated by the pandemic feed into different gay men’s sexual and intimate lives? How has the history of HIV/AIDS informed the collective and individual responses gay men have had to coronavirus? What role has digital media played in all of this?

Join this virtual roundtable discussion to hear the following academics and activists explore these questions:

João Florêncio (University of Exeter)
Jamie Hakim (University of East Anglia)
John Mercer (Birmingham City University) Kristian Møller (IT University of Copenhagen) Marc Thompson (BlackOut, LoveTankUK) Charlie Witzel (Sigma Research, LSHTM)

Ingrid Young (University of Edinburgh)

The Zoom link will be released after you register at: pandemicintimacies.eventbrite.com<http://pandemicintimacies.eventbrite.com/>

Website: www.uea.ac.uk/digital-intimacies<http://www.uea.ac.uk/digital-intimacies>
Twitter: @digintimaciesUK