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Sally Munt: The cultural politics of victim media

Sally Munt: The cultural politics of victim media

Op 24 april 2018 organiseerde Sophia een Avond over #feminisme, #victimstories en #mediastudies. Sally Munt (University of Sussex) kwam spreken over de cultural politics van slachtofferverhalen in online politieke debatten en activisme.


In her lecture Sally Munt (University of Sussex) will discuss the widespread use of victim tropes in contemporary culture. Since the growth of social media, indeed, victim stories have been proliferating. They are deployed to stimulate political debate and activism, often to appeal to an all-purpose humanitarianism. While victimology has its origins in Law and Criminology, Munt will open up the field more broadly to think about the cultural politics of victimhood, about the way the victim-figure can be appropriated for different purposes, particularly racial and gender politics. The lecture will argue that an ethical response to the lived experience of victims needs to consider the different kinds of critical intimacies elicited by social media.

5.30 pm: Welcome and drinks
6.00 pm: Lecture by Sally Munt “The cultural politics of victim media”
7.00 pm: Discussion with Sofie Van Bauwel (UGent)
7.15 pm: Debate
8.00 pm: Closing