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(Re)Connecting Gender Studies

(Re)Connecting Gender Studies

On November 13th, Sophia’s Junior Network hosted the (Re)Connecting Gender Studies conference.

This conference aimed to (re)connect PhD students and gender researchers across different boundaries: between universities, between universities and other research institutions, between activism and research, between disciplines, and between languages.

The programme consisted of two parts. First, selected researchers presented their ongoing or recent research and engaged with the audience. Finally, participants had the opportunity to meet and connect during our slow networking activity, in which we tapped into subjects such as ‘finding common ground’ and ‘bridging differences’. How can we incorporate different strands of gender studies within one strong and connected network, especially in times of gender fatigue and the mobilisations against gender studies? How can we use gender studies to open new paths and critically rethink society (e.g. intersectionality, ecology, slow science)? 

> Full program here

> Location: The conference took place online via Zoom

> Flyer (pdf)

This event was co-organized by RHEA and Sophia.

Sophia, the Belgian Gender Studies Network, is funded by the Institute for the equality of women and men.

Sophia’s Junior Network brings together early-career academics who are affiliated to a Belgian university and who are interested in or focused on feminist research and gender studies. The network aims to promote and strengthen research by creating a platform that brings together members of the academic world, activist groups and public institutions. Would you like to be part of this network? Do not hesitate to contact Vera Cortese and Elisa Tixhon (coordinators) via info@sophia.be.