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Homo’poly End Conference

This conference seeks to promote understanding and acceptance of diversity, more specifically homosexuality. Education institutions play a critical role in eliminating the social breeding ground for homophobia and in providing a safe, secure space for young people to explore their sexual orientation and gender identity. Despite notable progress in some parts of the world, the experiences of the LGBT community illustrate that education systems still largely fail to meet these expectations.

This conference aims to contribute towards a better understanding of homosexuality in secondary and tertiary education. The conference targets lecturers at teaching colleges and universities, teachers in secondary education, policy makers and representatives of sector organisations. Conference participants will obtain insights from a large comparative analysis in 8 European countries, as well as the effects of living in a same-sex household on test scores, early school leaving and the labour market. In addition, the conference provides practical workshops on didactical materials for secondary and tertiary education.

The conference takes place on the international day against homophobia, transphobia and biophobia. The conference is organised by the research center Leuven Economics of Education Research (LEER) of the Faculty of Economics and Business at KU leuven, and the partners of the Homo’poly project (www.homopoly.eu).