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Activism, Arts and Culture in 20th Century Feminist Social Movements

Five-week online evening course, starts 20 April 2021, Tuesday evenings 7-8.30pm

Culture and the arts have had a central role furthering feminist causes in the 20th century. In this five-week course you will learn about the fascinating and dynamic history of how feminists mobilised culture to claim social space, communicate political messages and build international networks.

Our main focus is the feminist movements of the 70s and 80s. You will also learn about the cultural activism in Suffrage movements of the Edwardian era, inter-war international peace and decolonial organisations, and post-war Afro-Asian networks. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from digital archival sources, oral histories, music and video, guided by a knowledgeable instructor with expertise in the cultural histories of feminist movements. Students will be encouraged to conduct independent research about an organisation, song, book, film, etc discussed in the course.

Week 1: Introduction: Cultural Production, Ideas and Practices

Week 2: Feminist Publishing and Print Culture

Week 3: Internationalism

Week 4: Music

Week 5: Moving Images and Political Aesthetics

Full fee: £57.50 | Over 65s: £51.75 | Benefit: £46.00