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Call for Papers: What is Left of Sexual Democracy? Critiques, Ideals, Struggles

“What is Left of Sexual Democracy? Critiques, Ideals, Struggles” aims to rethink the relationship between sexuality and democracy in the context of increasing breakdown of liberal democratic norms and institutions. It is concerned both with what might be salvaged of the liberal configuration of sexual democracy and with the more radical alternatives that might now be possible—while also undertaking a realistic assessment of the anti-democratic forces with which any radical or liberal democratic politics of sexuality must contend.  Furthermore, it questions the very definition of ‘sexual democracy’ by prompting to challenge its established categories.

The conference welcomes keynote speakers Shireen Hassim, Lyn Ossome and Eric Fassin. Over the course of three days, it will feature panels:

Law, Violence and Erotic Justice’, with Ratna Kapur and Yvette Russell

Queer Circuits of Global Capital, Global Circuits of Queer Capital’, with Rahul Rao and SM Rodriguez

Sexes, Genders, Authoritarianisms’, with Sara Farris and Aloysxa Tudor

(Re)Imagining Sexual Citizenship’, with Leticia Sabsay and Phoebe Kisubi-Mbasalaki

The fifth panel, ‘The Futures of Sexuality Studies’, will showcase postgraduate research/early career researchers. For this fifth panel, we welcome postgraduate (doctoral) and early career researchers to submit an abstract based on any of the conference themes below:

  • (Re)Imagining Sexual Citizenship: addressing how the relationship between sexuality and citizenship has been conceptualised and how it might be reimagined.
  • Queer Circuits of Global Capital, Global Circuits of Queer Capital: addressing the political economy of sexual democracy.
  • Sexes, Genders, Authoritarianisms: exploring gender and sexuality at the intersection between democratic and authoritarian politics.
  • Law, Violence, and Erotic Justice: addressing the role of the law in sexual democracy and how justice might be reimagined.
  • Thinking Sexual Democracy from the Outside: challenges to the established philosophical and epistemological categories of ‘sexual democracy’ to ask which other configurations could be envisioned.


Any postgraduate or early career researcher travelling from Europe (understood in its broadest sense possible). You don’t need to be UK-based to participate of this call.



Call for Papers for Postgraduate Research and Early Career Scholars

Prospective panellists are asked to submit a 500-word abstract for a 15-20 minute presentation on any of the conference themes. Please include a 100-word bio comprehensive of institutional affiliation, contact details, as well as indication of where you would be travelling from to attend the conference in person in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. Funds will be made available to cover transportation and accommodation costs.

Deadline for submission: Sunday March 19th, 2023

For all queries, please email Pilar M. d’Alo at p.m.dalo2@newcastle.ac.uk