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Climate Change, Gender, and Authoritarianism: Entanglements of Anti-Feminism and Anti-Environmentalism in the Far-Right

We are seeking article proposals for a planned special issue of the journal Feminist Review. We invite innovative theoretical and empirical contributions based on original research and a strong feminist perspective that explore the relationship between far right authoritarianism, anti-feminism, and anti-environmentalism against the backdrop of climate change and pressing environmental crises. How are gender reactionaries and anti environmentalism linked with one another? How are far-right concepts such as, for instance, the notion of ‘gender ideology’ positioned in the dismissal of anthropogenic climate change?

Submissions from members of excluded or underrepresented groups and communities are especially encouraged.

We welcome original papers that deal with one or more of, but are not limited to, the following topics:

§ the mobilization of anti-genderisms for the dismissal of environmental urgencies

§ the role of anti-feminism in the context of environmental racism and anti-indigeneity

§ the production of naturalized gender images in white supremacist ideologies

§ the entanglements of climate change denialism and far-right conspiracy theories

§ feminist climate sciences as situated knowledges

§ toxic masculinities, online propaganda, and digital hate

§ online communities’ production of truth

§ critical analyses of the far-right’s ‘counter narratives’ to climate change

§ the role of truth, objectivity, and epistemic relativism in climate change denialism

§ gender and environment in evangelicalism and environmental apocalypticism


Please submit an abstract of no more than 500 words by June 15, 2020 to barla@soz.unifrankfurt.de and sophie.bjork-james@vanderbilt.edu. Abstracts will be reviewed by the special issue editors and notifications sent out by July 15, 2020.