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Colloque : Habiter le care | UCLouvain

L’UCLouvain/Saint-Louis (CTRL+H – Uses&Spaces – Loci/Lab), l’asbl Angela.D and l’ULB (La Cambre-Hortense) invite you to the conference « Housing is Caring : Housing through Gender Studies » on November 22, 23 and 24, 2023 in Brussels. This event aims to bring together different participants (academics, associations, collectives, residents) dealing with issues of gender, care and housing.

The four areas of discussions are

  1. social, sexual and international division of care work in and around housing;
  2. space of care: architecture and the gendered distribution of work;
  3. for a politics of care: the public problem of housing from the angle of care;
  4. saying care is doing care? The performativity of care in and through the architecture of our homes.

The program is built around various moments of debate and thematic discovery: conferences by Corinne Luxembourg (feminist geographer), Annie Dussuet (sociologist, expert on domestic work issues) and Jos Boys from the Matrix collective; parallel sessions featuring contributions from thirty researchers from a variety of disciplines (see AAC): geography, sociology, urban planning and architecture; two roundtables on innovative housing projects (Casa Berta in Barcelona, Rosa in Vienna, Naast Monique in Brussels) and on public policies integrating gender and care (FUCVAM in Uruguay and Punt6 in Barcelona) and two local visits on the following themes: social support and feminism & housing production integrating care and gender.

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