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Critical Gender and Diversity Knowledge. Challenges and Prospects

The conference “Critical Gender and Diversity Knowledge. Challenges and Prospects” aims at bridging current academic and societal debates on gender and diversity. With a focus on exchanging knowledge, the conference fosters a dialogue between various understandings of difference, inequality, discrimination and inclusion regarding gender and diversity. The event is designed as a forum of exchange between representatives of universities and non-academic fields, such as politics, business, education, media, arts etc. Inviting members of the Think Tank Gender & Diversity will set up this dialogue by forming workshops with external discussants from various practical fields.

The conference contributes to debates of knowledge building in critical gender & diversity research, equality politics, and diversity management and aims at initiating discussions on current debates and problems in various specific contexts where gender and diversity are at stake. These debates and concurrent knowledge building started a long time ago in different places, at many institutions, in specific contexts, with numerous methods and involving various people. The conference builds on this knowledge, reflects its critical potential and addresses pressing questions. The critical dialogue and joint learning will focus on thematic fields that highlight the issues of language, leadership and meritocracy, institutionalized inequality as well as methods of knowledge sharing.

Content orientation of the thematic fields:

  1. Gender, diversity and language
  2. Women in leadership positions
  3. Meritocracy, excellence and inequality
  4. Institutionalized inequality and discrimination
  5. Methods of knowledge sharing
  6. Further thematic fields

Conference format

Essentially, the conference will provide an opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences on gender and diversity issues. The formats of the panels may have various designs. For instance, there can be workshops in which one or two short inputs lead to a discussion among the participants. Roundtables can be held and may include experts from different institutions. World Cafés can be organized that offer a structured conversational process for knowledge sharing in which groups of people discuss a topic at several tables, with individuals switching tables periodically and getting introduced to the previous discussion at their new table by a “table host”. Other didactic ideas are welcome.

As the panels focus on knowledge transfer from the inside to the outside of academia and vice versa, each panel has to consist of representatives from both groups: members of the Think Tank as well as of non-academic stakeholders. We encourage workshop applicants from the Think Tank to invite colleagues, practitioners from the fields of politics, business, education, media, arts, sports, law etc. to participate in their workshops. The Think Tank members set the agenda for a critical dialogue on gender and diversity with regard to the chosen panel topic.

Panel submission

Members and/or working groups of the Think Tank Gender & Diversity are invited to submit panels that focus on one of the six thematic fields. The panels should offer time for an intensive exchange, enable discussions and can be designed in different formats (see: Conference format). A panel takes 90 minutes. Please submit a panel description (1-2 pages) by 8th of May 2020 using the enclosed form.