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De//colonize The Mind

Once again deBuren and DE//COLONIZE Leuven, a group of Masters students of Cultural Studies of the KU Leuven collaborate on a Dutch-Flemish level, organise an evening on decolonization. The project aims to raise awareness about Belgium’s colonial history in Leuven and at sensitizing the public on the importance of decolonization.

Realizing how their own education on Belgium’s colonial history and heritage was not only extremely poor but also surprisingly uncritical, they decided to engage in the process of change that they would have liked to see within their own education. This edition focusses on education, which is believed to be one of the most essential factors in engaging in social change.


Throughout an interactive and performative session our two guests Miguel Heilbron and Hari Prasad Adhikari Sacré will guide us through colonial history, decolonisation, decolonizing our minds and educational systems.

Miguel Heilbron (Fawaka WereldBurgerschap& the Black Archives) will give a session on “World Citizenship”, discussing the legacies of colonialism and transatlantic slavery, among other things. He will discuss the various developments already visible in Education in the Netherlands and encourage the audience to participate in a collective brainstorm on the changes that could be done on our own educational system.

Hari Prasad Adhikari Sacré (For All Queens & UGent) will bring a completely different and refreshing approach to the decolonization debate. He will do a live story telling on his Samsara series (exploring displacement), followed by a workshop.