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Doctoral student SNSF in sociology/gender studies


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The Institute of social sciences (ISS) invites applications for a position as:

Doctoral student SNSF in sociology/gender studies

for a Swiss National Science Foundation entitled “Shaping the legal consciousness of intersectional subjects: accommodating, negotiating and contesting regulations on Islamic veiling in France, Switzerland and the U.K.” led by Prof. Eléonore Lépinard – Center for Gender Studies.

The overall objective of the proposed research is to investigate the following question: how do veiled Muslim women accept, accommodate, negotiate, or challenge the regulations that target their veiling practices? In the vein of socio-legal studies which stipulate that legal rules constitute social subjects and enforce gendered norms, this project investigates how legal regulations shape veiled Muslim women’s legal consciousness. The project in particular looks at the factors that may encourage Muslim women to mobilize the law to defend what they see as their rights. Finally, drawing on the insights of intersectionality theory, this proposed research recognizes that identity categories such as gender, race, religion, and class are socially and mutually constituted. This premise has shaped the research design in order to compare between veiled Muslim women positioned at the different intersections of race and class relations. This research adopts an extensive empirical research design to explore how regulations targeting veiled Muslim women shape, transform and alter these subjects’ relationship to law, and how their intersectional positioning influence their capacity to claim their rights. It applies the above-mentioned theoretical approaches within a comparative methodology: the project studies two cities in three different countries: Paris and Marseille in France, Geneva and Zurich in Switzerland, and London and Bristol in England. The project uses a qualitative methodology, including discourse analysis of legal texts, semi-directive interviews and focus groups.

Job information

Starting date:                01.09.2020
Duration of contract:     1 year, renewable contract for 3 years with a full duration of 4 years.
Employment rate:         100%
Workplace:                   University of Lausanne, Géopolis

Your responsibilities

100% of working time is dedicated to the writing of a doctoral thesis related to the research project.

The terms of reference of this position can be found here (in French)

Your qualifications

  • Master’s degree in Social Sciences and/or gender studies,
  • Interest in topics of socio-legal studies, gender and sexuality studies, religious studies, intersectionality, race relations,
  • Practical experience with qualitative research methods and analysis,
  • Good knowledge of and/or proficiency in German (B2 minimum)
  • Working language will be English or French

What the position offers you

We offer a nice working place in a multicultural, diverse and dynamic academic environment with the opportunity to collaborate in a team consisting of the principal researcher, a postdoc, phd-student and associated project partners.

The possibility to develop an independent phd-thesis fitting within the project aims and the opportunity to participate in the Center for Gender studies activities, in research training, in international conferences and to report research findings in international outlets.

Contact for further information

Eléonore Lépinard – Associate Professor


Your application

Your application should include:

(1) Motivation letter
(2) CV, listing the names of two referees which we will contact independently (do not include reference letters)
(3) Grades obtained in Bachelor and Master’s program
(4) A piece of academic writing as example (chapter of MA dissertation, seminar paper etc.)

Only applications through this site will be considered.

Please send your full application in Word or PDF.

Application deadline: June 15th, 2020

Interviews will provisionally take place in the week of June 22nd, 2020