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Draw for Change | Behind the Lines

Datum: 25 februari 2024 om 18h

Plaats: Cinéma Aventure

Tickets | RSVP op Facebook

Amani Al-Ali, the first female cartoonist in Idlib, Syria, draws the life of her town, a bastion of jihadist groups that are  attempting to overthrow President Assad since 2011. Armed with her pen, she is struggling against Islamist authority and traditional patriarchy. But for how much longer will she have the strength to keep fighting, among the ruins of her town?

What is Draw for Change?

The series DRAW FOR CHANGE! showcases six female cartoonists from around the globe challenging societal boundaries and norms. In each episode, a cartoonist offers viewers a glimpse into her world, exposing not only the hurdles and perils she faces but also the bravery and wit essential for overcoming them. Filming took place in Mexico, Russia, India, Syria, Egypt [and the US], with each country offering distinct challenges, resulting in six episodes centered on themes like femicide, press freedom, and female representation. This series introduces resilient women who draw because it’s unthinkable not to. Despite job loss, intimidation, or death threats, they persist, contributing to incremental changes in their societies. Each film, directed by a distinguished female director linked to the subject’s country, seamlessly blends documentary, cartoons, and animation.