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Gender Matters: Feminism and the Neoliberal Academy

As the neoliberal mode of production and organization becomes more and more pervasive in the academy worldwide, questions about the role of feminism and critique within it become imperative. What is the space for critique in an academy that justifies its own existence as transmitter of a body of knowledge that is already established as canonical? How can feminist operate in a context when that body of knowledge is shaped by a few millennia of patriarchy, imperialism, and the coloniality of gender? How can feminists fight together if class, racial and colonial cleavages converge in separating them? How are the structures of the settler colonial history and present of the United States reflected in what gets to count as “knowledge” and thus also in policing the boundaries of “critique”? How does that compare with other national contexts less marked by settler colonialism but still reverberating with the history and persistence of western imperialism?

This event is part of The New School’s Gender & Sexualities Studies Institute’s 2021 Gender Matters Symposium. The purpose of this symposium is to gather all New School faculty working on gender and sexuality studies in order to share ideas and visions for the new Gender & Sexualities Studies Institute while building bridges between the different divisions and schools. By facilitating discussions between faculty and bringing in external keynote speakers, we aim to nurture a vibrant GSSI community internally but also build connections and bridges with the outside world, joining efforts to promote existing gender and sexualities studies.

Speakers: Simten Cosar, Jaskiran Dhillon, and Kimberly Tallbear-Dauphine.

Registered attendees will receive the Zoom link via email.