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Gender and the Cold War

Clio. Femmes, Genre, Histoire – Call for papers
Thematic issue: “Gender and the Cold War”
No. 57
Expected publication date: first trimester 2023

Ioana Cîrstocea (CNRS, CESSP, Paris) and Françoise Thébaud (Université d’Avignon, Clio)

Coordinated by a sociologist (Ioana Cîrstocea) and a historian (Françoise Thébaud), the proposed thematic issue on “Gender and the Cold War” seeks to explore these little researched themes in francophone scholarship to date. Contributions should be based on original research and might deal with the following (non exclusive) themes:

1. Competing imaginaries and gendered experiences of the Cold War
-Exemplary and repellant figures: the opposing “camp” as reflected in political discourse, media, and artistic productions
-Biographies shaped by the “East-West” confrontation
-Intimacy politics: controlling and liberating sexuality, ideologies challenging motherhood and parenthood in various national contexts

2. Framing gender issues in multilateral bureaucracies
-Debates on “workers’ rights” (International Labor Organization) and “women’s rights” (United Nations, Commission on the Status of Women)
-Women’s activism in building new international law in gender equality matters

3. Women’s political struggles beyond borders
-International cooperation, development aid and feminist transnational networks
-Global solidarity projects run by women’s organizations based in the countries of the Soviet “bloc”
-Non Aligned Movement, “third ways”, “Third-Worldism”, pacifist struggles and feminismS

Practical aspects and timeline

The thematic issue will include several types of contributions: case studies informed by original research, critical syntheses of literature, commentaries of pieces of written and visual sources, book reviews. Proposals for previously unpublished articles in French, English, Spanish or Italian should be sent before May 15, 2021 to ioana.cirstocea@ehess.fr and thebaud.francoise@gmail.com. Provisional abstracts should be limited to 2500-3000 signs and specify the themes to be considered, the intended contribution to scholarship, as well as the main research questions, the sources and the analytical approach. A bibliography of five works maximum and a brief note concerning the author’s biography and scholarship are also required. The editorial committee will inform authors by July 1, 2021 of the acceptance (provisional upon the submission of an acceptable final manuscript) or rejection of their proposal. Complete articles will be due by February 28, 2022 and they will be submitted to a double evaluation process by one external and two internal reviewers. Authors will receive Clio’s feedback on their papers by June 30, 2022. The articles may be accepted as they stand or requests may be made for rewriting. Final texts will be due on – or before – October 31, 2022. The thematic issue (Clio no. 57) will be published in spring 2023 in French in the paper and electronic edition, followed by a later English e-version.