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MenEngage Ubuntu Symposium

This symposium is a space for listening, critical reflection, and commitment to action across work to transform masculinities and engage men and boys for gender equality and social justice.

By coming together from across regions, cultures, backgrounds, and languages, we aspire to help make ‘men and masculinities’ work more effective and accountable for women’s rights, LGBTQI rights, racial justice, economic justice, climate justice, and other social justice issues.

COVID-19 has deepened inequalities around the world and made them more visible.

The pandemic places us at a critical juncture, offering a chance to break with old paradigms. The MenEngage Ubuntu Symposium is a unique opportunity to envision how work to transform masculinities can support feminist visions of a post-COVID world. A world where collective care is centered for each other and the planet, based on shared solidarity, peace and cooperation.

COVID-19 also means we must explore new ways to connect – locally and globally – towards renewed approaches and visions for the future. Instead of a single event, the MenEngage Ubuntu Symposium will be a series of activities, discussions, and opportunities to connect over several months.

Join us for the MenEngage #UbuntuSymposium, exploring the past, present and future of feminist-informed work with men and boys.