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Open call for contributions on the theme of «power dynamics and cohabitation»

Today, power dynamics accompany us everywhere. Power and violence reigns in our societies: hierarchies persist whether we are at school, at work, in hospitals and quite obviously, in prisons. But are we really aware of the omnipresence of these power dynamics? Whether it be in the way design (taken in it’s larger sense) and architecture are drawn-up, in the experience of dwelling in public spaces, or in the way language is used and stereotypes persist, we come up against borders, often implicit barriers that separate the inhabitants, the users of a space, whether it be physical or digital. If you think there is nothing worse than inequality, that power dynamics must be approached et made aware, we invite you to participate in the second number of the Woman Journal!

Economic class, racialization mechanisms, gender, sexuality and body (etc) will be at the heart of this work. The subjects and angles of reflection can be diverse. The only prerequisite is to try to answer the following questions: How are spaces shaped by power dynamics? How can we untangle, de-activate the cleavages and find alternatives? How can we think about the concept of “welcoming” one another, how can we include or allow cohabitation (in the case when it is possible)?

We are against the hierarchy of knowledge and we propose numerous forms of cocreation: individual or collective research, testimonials, investigations, self-observations, narrations, fictions and others.