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PhD Masterclass with Anya Topolski “Thinking race and religion”

In this masterclass dr. Anya Topolski briefly introduces the central tenets of her current research project. Topolski theorizes  the ‘race-religion constellation’ which refers to the historical “practice of classifying people into races according to categories we now associate with the term religion” (Topolski, 2018, p.58). Consequently, she argues for the necessity to study the intersections between the ‘religion line’ and ‘color line’ so as to be able to grasp contemporary racism in Europe.

Following this brief introduction, a collective conversation with dr. Topolski and the attendants of the masterclass takes place. Activists, artists and PhD researchers working around topics related to race, racism, religion, secularism and/or intersectionality are warmly invited to join this masterclass.


Participants are asked to familiarize themselves with the work of dr. Topolski by reading two of her articles (to be send to you following your registration). PhD researchers are required to prepare a ten-minute presentation of their work as well as points for discussions or questions. Activists and artists are also asked to prepare a presentation about their work and points for discussion and questions. PhD researchers participating in the masterclass are entitled to 1 credit in their Doctoral training program.


Attendance is free but registration is required. Please register through the form below by Thursday 19 March the latest.
Public event ‘International Day against Racism: religious discrimination, racism, neither or both?’

All participants are welcome to attend the public event with dr. Anya Topolski amongst the speakers that takes place in the evening from 6-8 pm at the VUB Campus Etterbeek. Click here for further information.


This masterclass is co-organized by RHEA, EDGE, BIRMM and the Race and Research Network


Questions? Please send a message to Mariska Jung via mariska.jung@vub.be