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RHEA Research Webinar: Conceptualising systemic racism and intersectionality in EU anti-racism policy processes

Racism has been described as the sum of prejudice and power in relation to and between social groups so ingrained in European structures and policies that it can seem natural or unidentifiable. In the last three decades we have witnessed shifts in political responses to racism and racial inequalities. The EU has, at times, led the way and the most recent EU anti-racism plans acknowledge the need to address structural racism. However, as Critical Race Theorists before have shown, despite progress in anti-racist legislation and policies, racial inequalities can remain persistent. In this presentation, Ojeaku Nwabuzo, will begin to outline how systemic racism and intersectionality is conceptualised in EU anti-racism policy.

Bio: Ojeaku’s doctoral research focuses on anti-racism advocacy and anti-discrimination policies, supervised by Ilke Adam (IES) and Sophie Withaeckx (RHEA) . This research project aims to advance our understanding of anti-racism and the complex processes that generate racism using insights from critical race theory, black feminist theory and decolonial theory. It will focus on how anti-racism is practiced and the systems of oppression that shape anti-racist advocacy and policy development.

Practical: This event will take place online via Microsoft Teams (the link will be shared with all the registered people the day before). Register for this event down below.