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“University and Decoloniality” by Gloria Wekker

“University and Decoloniality”
by Gloria Wekker

Welcome to the online public event
on March 29, 2021

With this eye-opening online webinar (in English), em. prof. dr. Gloria Wekker will start the conversation building on her expertise and research on the intersections of colonialism, racism, white privilege, feminist and lesbian theory.

To inform our conversations about the decolonisation of academia she will sketch her research and policy work at the University of Amsterdam (UvA).
After its administrative heart, ‘het Maagdenhuis’, was occupied in the Fall of 2015, she chaired the five-headed Diversity Commission. With the support of 13 student assistants, a full report on how to diversify and decolonize the university was delivered in October 2016, encompassing dozens of recommendations.
Professor Wekker will delve into the research process, starting points and methods as well as the main findings and bottlenecks, encompassing the steps taken in the past five years after the report was published.

Discover the full programme and register on our website or invite friends/colleagues who might be interested.