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SNAP! Sex workers Narratives Arts & Politics

A festival entirely dedicated to the discourses, representations and issues related to sex work.

SNAP!’s primary goal is to give voice to sex workers working in the various sex trades and to shed light from the inside on the experiences of these activities that are too often misunderstood and stigmatized.

SNAP’s programming is dedicated to highlighting works created by or with the active collaboration of those involved, in order to give voice to the diversity of the experiences of sex workers. From the most complex to the most agentive, the stories and representations of sex work are presented, talked about, shown and analyzed in a festive and benevolent context.

The SNAP Festival is organized by the Art Whore Connection (AWC Production), a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and creation of artistic and activist works in favor of a better representation and recognition of minorities, in particular of gender and sexualities.

The SNAP team is composed of people who are or have been involved in sex work, and allied partners.

SNAP 2022 Festival is created in active collaboration with UTSOPI, Union of Sex Workers Organized for Independence.

Find out more about the programme on snapfest.fr & @snap_festival