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  • Feminist Movement Building: Rewriting the Rules in the Arab Region & Beyond

    The Coalition of Feminists for Social Change (COFEM), the Arab Institute for Women, VOICE and the Global Women's Institute are pleased to invite you to join the Zoom webinar on “Feminist Movement Building: Rewriting the Rules in the Arab Region and Beyond." Women’s movements have been at the forefront of some of the most successful uprisings of our time, and have played a crucial rule...

  • Web-conference: Disenfranchised Bodies – Comparing, Standardizing, Judging, Living: 1450-1850

    Comparisons have the power to order the world and its perception. Comparing means to detect, to assert, and to construct similarities and differences. Multiple links exist within frames of comparison. Those links may be ambiguous, but they prove to be dynamic and elastic when the unfamiliar needs to be integrated into a comparative order or a world order based on comparison. At this conference, we...

  • CityLAB VIII: Sex, Gender, and the City

    How do the various branches of contemporary urban studies engage with theories and cases developed in gender and sexuality studies or queer studies? All of these fields are by definition multidisciplinary and continuously in search of ways to think across boundaries and reconceptualize both individual agency and the social realm. How might we apply theories of intersectionality to the context o...

  • Les violences de genre au prisme du droit

    COLLOQUE "LES VIOLENCES DE GENRE AU PRISME DU DROIT" 15 DÉCEMBRE 2020 Longtemps exclues des préoccupations entourant la protection juridique des droits fondamentaux, les violences de genre sont, en quelques dizaines d’années, devenues une préoccupation centrale des organes de protection des droits humains. Organisé par le Centre « Vulnérabilités & Société » de l’Université...