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Women*’s Suffrage and Democracy: Critique, Memory, Visions

The Swiss Association for Gender Studies (SAGS) calls for panels and papers for its biennial conference on the theme of Women*’s Suffrage and Democracy: Critique, Memory, Visions to be held at the University of Zurich, 26-27 November 2021.

The occasion and backdrop of the conference in 2021 is the 50th anniversary of Swiss women*’s right to vote, introduced in 1971. The conference tackles the theme of «women*’s suffrage and democracy» from a democracy and gender theoretical, intersectional and postcolonial perspective with a focus on both
Switzerland and the situation in other countries and contexts. First, we are interested in critical analyses of concepts of democracy, political participation, and citizenship regarding their inclusions and exclusions. A second emphasis lies on historic and current manifestations of memory cultures in relation to denied and hard-won political rights in Switzerland and worldwide. Finally, attention will be devoted to contributions focusing on envisioning gender-just societies and politics as well as conceptions of comprehensive political rights and political participation in society. We will consider submissions from all disciplines that engage with one or several key aspects of the conference theme.*

* The conference of the SAGS takes place in cooperation with the conference of the Swiss Institute of feminist legal studies and gender law (FRI) on the theme “women*’s suffrage and democracy: the fabric of (in)justice” (September 9-11, 2021). The two conferences themes complement each other while focusing on discrete key aspects.

  1. Critique
  2. Memory
  3. Visions

Submission Guidelines

The Swiss Association for Gender Studies accepts panel and individual paper submissions from academics, practitioners, activists, early-career researchers and doctoral students worldwide. Submissions may be from a range of disciplines, but they must thematise the topic of the conference. We consider submissions in French, German and English. Panel submissions are encouraged. A full panel consists of a chair and up to four presenters (four papers, though we will accept panels with three presenters as well). If your panel is accepted but short of authors and/or chair, we will help you complete the panel.

Panel Proposals

The panel proposal should be sent in by the panel organizer including the following informations:

  • Title of the Panel
  • Full name, postal address and email address of the panel organizer
  • Name and university/institution of the participants of the panel
  • Titles of the papers
  • Keyword(s)
  • Research Discipline
  • Specification of applicable conference key aspects (1-3)
  • Panel description (max. 250 Words)

Individual Proposals

You will need to provide:

  • Your Full Name
  • University/Institution
  • Postal Address
  • Email Address
  • The names and email addresses of any co-authors (if your paper has more than one author, the paper proposal should be submitted by the person who is most likely to present the paper at the conference. Any co-author(s) will be recognized on the conference program)
  • Title of Your Paper
  • Keyword(s)
  • Research Discipline
  • Specification of applicable conference key aspects (1-3)
  • A 250-Word Abstract

Submission Deadline: February, 1, 2021
Conference Languages: French, German, English
Contact: conference (at) genregeschlecht.ch